Lunchroom News

The Limestone County Child Nutrition Program provides a food service program under the USDA National School Lunch Program.


Free Meals

Meal prices for 2020 -2021


Visitor Breakfast  - $2.50

Adult Visitor Lunch - $4.50

Child Visitor Lunch - $3.25 ( 18 yrs. and younger)

Paying Student - $2.60
Reduced Student - $0.40
             Adult - $4.50
 Check below to see if your child qualifies for Free and Reduced Lunch

Applications for free and reduced-price meals are available at each school and online at the link below.

Families who receive food stamps automatically receive free meals for their children.  

Click the link above to manage your

child's lunch account. 


Click the link above to apply

for Free and Reduced Lunch.

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