* Creekside Chief Leaders *

At Creekside, we feel all students need opportunities to demonstrate that they are responsible leaders.  The Creekside Chief Leaders Program is a great opportunity for fifth grade students to practice being responsible leaders.  A few duties of the Chief Leaders include ensuring hallway safety, escorting students to class, delivering items to class, and helping students during breakfast.  These tasks are opportunities to help students take ownership of our school, realize the importance of acting responsibly, and develop confidence by being dependable.

In order for a child to become an Creekside Chief Leader, he or she needs to meet the following guidelines:

  • Child must apply to be an Chief Leader.

  • Parent must give permission.

  • Teacher must approve based upon classroom behavior and work ethic.

Current fourth graders will have the opportunity to apply for the 2019-2020 year in April.

Dana Trockenbrot, Reading Specialist

Creekside Primary/Elementary