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At CES we want to stress the importance of every student being present 100% of the time.  When absences do occur parents should send a note within 3 days stating why their child was absent.

Parent Note Excuse Form

Absences are considered excused for the following reasons:

1.  Illness of the student and parent must send a note stating their child was sick. 

**(There is a limit of 5 days per semester for parent notes)**


2.  Medical or dental.  Required documentation from the doctor's office. 

Faxed excused are accepted - 256-216-8704.

Follow up to be sure we have received the excuse.


3.  Death in the family.  Parent must send a note.


4.  Quarantine.  This only applies when student is sent home by school nurse.


5.  Religous Holidays. 

**Only excused when prior permission is granted by principal.


6.  Court summons. 

**Proper documentation must be attached to parent note.


7.  Principal approved absence. 

**Principal Approval Form must be filled out and approved prior to absence.


Examples of Unexcused Absences:

Not sending a note

Just sending a note saying they were not at school


Car would not start

Missed the bus

Alarm did not go off

Wardrobe malfunction

Other sibling was sick