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Jump Rope / Hoops for Heart Information
Posted On:
Thursday, January 19, 2017

This week your child should have received his/her donation forms for Jump Rope for Heart (K-2) and Hoops for Heart (3-5). A lot of you have already started a webpage for your child and getting donations online! Here are some reminders which may answer some of your questions. I didn't want to send out too much info too soon since this is a three week process.

*Last day for turn-in, February 24th
*Jump Rope with Parent Day (K-2 only)- February 24th during PE times
*he/she may turn in the 5.00 promise card (attached to donation form) to receive "Mr. Rory the Lion with lanyard" prize immediately. No need to send money at this time. We want the students to be able to add to it in the next few weeks.
*Make an online page for your child. You can do so much online and it's very user friendly. This is how they can earn other prizes immediately (Choose Harvest for the city if you can't find Creekside).
*Take the "Zoo Crew Challenge" on your child's headquarter page to receive a badge!
* I will only print reports every 2-3 days so if your child has earned something, please print and send with your child. Do not email since I won't always remember to check in time before PE classes. If you are unable to print, they will get their online prizes when I do my own print-out. This keeps me organized.
*No worries if you don't want to do anything online. You may turn-in your envelope with your donations.

I will send more instructions as we get closer to the turn-in date.

Thanks in advance! Happy Heart Month!
Coach Mitchell

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