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Library Policies and Procedures

  • Classes come to the library every week.
  • Students in grades 1-5 may check out 2 books at a time.  Kindergarten students check out one book each week.
  • Students may recheck books for one extra week, if needed. Additional rechecks are up to the discretion of the librarian.
  • Lost or damaged books must be paid for before another book may be checked out.

Accelerated Reader

  • Accelerated Reader is a reading incentive program in which students read books and then take comprehension tests written for the books.  Not every book has a test available.
  • Please remember that the reading levels listed are just a guide. Every student is individual, and each will test differently. While the word "Diplodocus" is a long word that would raise the reading level of a book, for a five-year-old dinosaur lover, it is not difficult at all!
  • We subscribe to the web-based version of Accelerated Reader, which gives students access to every available quiz.  To find out if a book has a quiz available, go to AR Bookfinder to look them up.  While the program is web-based, students may only take quizzes during school hours from school computers.

Book Fairs

  • The Creekside Library generally hosts two Crane Book Fairs each year. 
  • Proceeds from the book fair go to purchase new books for the library and to support our Accelerated Reader program.


Reading is the single best way to improve your child’s performance at school. Please encourage your child to read!  For suggestions of quality books that your child might enjoy, check out these websites:

Alabama Virtual Library

The Alabama Virtual Library (AVL) has lots of resources available for students.  Check it out!

New York Public Library

Check out the New York Public Library's section for kids!

Texas Bluebonnet Award

"The Texas Bluebonnet Award (TBA) reading program was established in 1979 to encourage Texas children to read more books, explore a variety of current books, develop powers of discrimination, and identify their favorite books."


KidsReads describes kids favorite books, series, and authors.